Why You Need to Use Basic PhpBB Themes

Why You Need to Use Basic PhpBB Themes

There are different kinds of styles that you can use for your phpBB, from the basic one to the premium one. The criteria for choosing the themes are varied, but most importantly, you need to consider the features brought by the themes. However, you can always use the basic phpBB themes below.
– Comes with Various Colors
If you think that the Basic theme will be very flat, you need to think again after you have seen this Basis theme. The first strength that you will love is that it comes with eight different color variations, such as blue/orange, dark blue/red, cyan/orange, light green/orange, green/red, dark green/orange, gray/orange, and gray/red. You don’t need to download all of those colors since you can pick only one color by downloading the suitable package. If you have difficulties in choosing the color, you can try the demo mode to help you get the overall image of the board later. Although the color variations might seem a little boring, it will strengthen your board with simplicity and not distract other user’s attention.

– Great Features
The second strength of this Basic theme is the features that will enrich your board. The features are always developed to enhance the users’ experience. The latest features enable you to see new icons and font, Apple Retina support, three navigation sections, sticky navigation, no language-specific icons, Saas stylesheets, and several configuration options. This latest update will make your board more interesting and easier to access since it great page design but simpler formatting content. There are many company agen bola terpercaya also using this phpBB themes for their website. Because by having those features, it brings out the best result of your board with reduced leading speed.

Going basic is not always bad. Sometimes, it is needed to make other users not distracted by the complex themes and focus on the bulletin board itself. But, you don’t need to worry since you can always use those basic phpBB themes.

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