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Group MOD Request

Postby Nerioks on Thu Feb 08, 2007 2:19 am

Hello I would apreciate if anyone could help me with this. Also keep in mind that english is my second language, but ill try to explain everything the best i can.

Here is the deal. I would like that when a group MOD adds a member to a group. The members join date would apear in the group. For example here we have a group ... 844a234986

And we have the following columns: || Private Message || Username || Posts || Location || Email || Website || Select ||

I would like to have another extra column || Join Date ||

also this join date wouldnt be the date that the user registered on the forums. This date would have to be the date that he joined or was added into the group. I think to accomplish this i would need to change something in the following files "groupcp.php" and "groupcp_info_body". I'm pretty much a newbie at scripting, but im trying to learn. I can work a little and i mean a little with mysql databases php etc. So if anyone could make a tutorial on how to accomplish this i would really apreciate it! And once again sorry for my english its my second language and I try my best.
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Re: Group MOD Request

Postby dupa666 on Wed Nov 12, 2008 12:34 am

bump, need it too
member join date to group
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