Useful PhpBB Mods

Useful PhpBB Mods

Anyone interested in phpBB mods? There are plenty of choices available to choose. Users who just get their own phpBB activated must be more than happy to optimize it. Take a look at some of these mods and how they help on the sites.

Cleantalk. Spam Protect
As the page administrator, it would be quite disappointing to see a lot of spam messages and long list of replies that goes anywhere near the topic. Unfortunately, the newly created page has less to none protection from such disruption. Cleantalk.spam might be the right answer for the problem.

This mod basically prevents any bots that attempt to register to the forum. A simple captha box will appear anytime the members or outsiders want to post in the forum. Failure in completing the captha session will automatically cancel the post.

Another way to control who could join what forum is by asking the new members to introduce themselves and mention which topic or filed they are interested in. If this is what users are looking for, then pick Introduciator mods for the sites. It gives the administrator an authority to accept or decline the request to join the forum.

Aside from its excellent sorting system, probably the disadvantage is the piled up work. The administrator literally need to approve each one of the request before the member could get access to the forum. If this is not a big deal, then go ahead and pick the mods!

Topic Permissions
Do all administrators understand that all the content in any forum could be tracked by search engine? In this case, anything posted by the members could be seen by anyone when they hit the precise keyword. The effect of this access might be worse than predicted, especially if the members often provide critical and sharp opinion.

Therefore, topic permission mods could be the suitable fence to limit search engine access. Upon installing the mods, the administrator could pick which forum stays exclusively for the members and which one could safely goes out for the public. This way, the forum might gain more members for the closed community.

A phpBB mods is meant to help the site owner to manage the page better or even accommodate smoother forum and discussion. To reach this goal, the users choose from the recommendations above. It doesn’t have to be all of them, just pick the useful ones!

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