The Features offered by the phpBB

The Features offered by the phpBB

As the open source of a bulletin board that can be accessed by almost anyone with internet connection in the world, phpBB offered so many cool features for its users. Let’s check the feature of phpBB available in a phpBB version that can help you to understand more about phpBB bulletin board software.

The Basic Features
phpBB contains some basic features as the basic features of the program. There are UTF-8 support, extensions, 3.2.x PHP7 support, HTML5, CSS3, responsive design, user preferences, moderation, administration, search engine spider handling, unread message tracking, and private message system.

The phpBB provides complete registration process for the users. There are COPPA registrations, Limit registration attempts, username &password length, limit username characters, password complexity, and, more.

The main aim of the phpBB is to facilitate the discussion forum by posting any flat topic structure. You can add any codes to fit your needs to post or insert the image. You can make it all through the BB code and custom BBCode. You can also use the attachment to post some attachments to the agen bola post. There are quick reply, smiles, and emoticon to make your posting more colorful and alive! Another facility also can be achieved in this posting feature, such as emoji, quoting, clever quotes, word sensor, post-draft, posting preview and syntax highlighting.

The forum offers a variety of organizational structure of the board. You can find the categories as the house of the individual forum. There are password and protected forums that can make the user be able to access a certain forum. The user can set the forum using a different installed style.

There are a lot of features provided by the phpBB to help their user find the easy and comfortable way to use the phpBB. You can advantage the feature of phpBB for setting up your online forum.

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