The Best Place To Find PhpBB Design

The Best Place To Find PhpBB Design

The Best Place To Find PhpBB Design – Like it or not, the phpBB design of a site will affect the members of the group. Instead of comparing the discussion topic, some of the members might look at the site design as well. The nicer the display, then more people will consider to join the forum. So where to find a nice design?

Rocket Theme
This site appears as the top result from the search engine. Some of the themes provided in this site is free, while some others need to be paid. The users could adjust the option by choosing the “filter by” section. It takes less than a minute for the site to load the database.

Instead of providing all kinds of variations, Rocket Theme is focusing on the simple and clean design. Therefore, the preview of the theme will show minimalist colors but strong accentuation. Even though the users have less choices, the themes displayed have the best compatibility and will fit to the phpBB setting.

A little reminder for the users though: the themes will not fit to the latest phpBB version: 3.2. The developer needs more time to adjust the setting. Those users who still use the lower version are more than welcome to download the themes. Having trouble with theme installation? Refer to the documentation section for help.
Looking for more options for the themes? Then the users should pay a visit to It stores hundreds of ready to use themes. There are more variations: gothic, simple, vintage, etc. On the starting page, click on the “database” section to see more theme options. A nice preview is presented for those who want to get a glimpse on the overall setting.

On the right side of the page, there is filter option. Instead of sorting the themes based on colors or category, the filter allows the users to pick the phpBB compatibility. The latest version is 3.0.14 and the earliest version is 3.0.8. In addition, there is also an option to sort the force. The quick filters on the top will pull up the most recent themes and top downloads.

See anything the users like? Simply click on the picture and the new page will be loaded. The users could get the details of the theme as well as the link to download the lovely theme. The “style demo” option is also available to show the users how the whole design look like!

Those who are interested to join a forum might think twice after seeig the phpBB design. A dull site will less likely to attract new members. Nonetheless, a nice setting and display is important for a site. Get the best options from these two sites!

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  1. if you are interested in php design, and want to try downloading it, you can visit some famous sites such as Codecourse, Killer PHP, SitePoint. They provide code and design for free. you just need to register and share questions and answers for php problems.

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