Common Terms In PhpBB Design

Surfing through dozen of online phpBB design, the users might find some terms. They are used by some sites to emphasize the quality of the theme. Instead of being convinced, the users might have trouble to understand the meaning. How do the terms make the themes different?

– Retina Ready
This technology is first applied by Apple. Unfortunately, many developers don’t take this seriously. Most of them think that retina ready is just part of Apple project which might not bring big effect. It turns out that these opinions are not valid. Getting a retina ready theme has its own charm and still fascinate the site users.

The problem with the non-retina ready theme is the pixel dots that will appear on the corner. It could be seen with bare eyes, especially when the image is blurred or in low quality. This flaw will even clearer when the page is zoomed. The concept of being retina ready is omitting all the pixel dots on the screen.

The benefit of retina ready for the users are quite beneficial. Only sharp text and image will be presented. In order to make retina ready theme, the developers should deal with the CSS code and javascript. A less trouble option would be editing the ready to use themes.

Common Terms In PhpBB Design

– Responsive Theme
When the first time users see the title, they might wonder: responsive to what thing? What is the proper description of responsive? Take a note that many devices could access the site: computers, laptop, tablet or even smartphones. Each one of them have different screen size. So basically, responsive theme means that the setting could adjust to the screen size.

Imagine when opening a site with bad response from a tablet. The display won’t be pleasing to look at. For example: there are two big picture on the computer screen, but only half of them could be seen from smart phone. The users might be forced to tilt the screen to get better view. Therefore, most theme now are equipped with responsive setting. Otherwise, they will get no fans at all.

Adding certain label after the phpBB design name should be done carefully. Users who stop to download or see the demo of the theme might be disappointed if the chosen theme is not that great. For example, the retina ready themes should have no pixel dots on the corner and the responsive design should display great setting on smaller screen.

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