Must Have PhpBB Mods!

Since phpBB mods have been around for years, there are more than thousands administrator who have used them. Some of the mods have great functional. The administrators even describe them as the items that should come together with the basic phpBB installation. What are they?

The name of this chat stands for mini chat. It works just like the pop up notification. Mchat helps the member to be connected with the forum faster. Usually, those who use this functions wish to have immediate answer. The active members at the moment could help answering the question. If at the moment there is no online members, then the question cannot be answered.


Add User
This is a mod that allows the administrator to create new account from the back page. It is a great help for the admin, as he or she could approve member request or even add several new members at once. There is no need to open new tab just to read the application letter.

Anti-Bot Question
Similar to captha, this mods has big function. It takes down any bot attempt to register by asking questions. The answer to this question is only known by the intended users. It is given when they register as the member for the first time. There are plenty more mods with similar function, but so far it is the most effective one.

Advertisement Management
The point of making forum is to discuss certain topic, not to see bunch of adds covering the screen. In this case, installing advertisement management mods would be really helpful. It allows the administrators to change the ads position so it won’t be a big messy view. However, this mods cannot delete the ads. There must be another steps to do.

View Topic Birthday
Instead of dealing with the forum system, the mods is helping the members to get close to each other. The process is simple. The members who are celebrating their birthday on the day of the forum will have a birthday cake icon next to their name. The other members usually send a personal birthday message to the person. Isn’t that a good start for a lasting friendship?

In this modern days, there are lots of phpBB mods offered by developer. It is quite difficult for new users to determine which one should be installed in the site. Then, why don’t start from the phpBB experts’ recommendation?

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