How to Install phpBB Styles You Want

How to install phpBB Styles You Want

phpBB is an open source bulletin board and through this site, the users can exchange different kinds of information and get connected to each other. Not only for socializing, but you can also develop your skill in modifying codes here. To begin with, here is a tutorial on how to install phpBB styles you want.

– Downloading and Uploading the Styles
After you have chosen the styles you want for your phpBB board, you need to download it and extract the file to your computer. After the extraction process is complete, you need to upload the style to your board. To do so, you need to use the FTP client and upload the folder to your phpBB root directory. Sometimes, you will get an additional directory when extracting the file, but you don’t need to upload this additional directory. Make sure the file you upload is in the style directory.

– Complete the Installation and Make Default
After it has been uploaded successfully, you need to install the style to your board. But, you need to log in to the forum as the admin. Then, you need to open the admin control panel to see the list of styles that have uploaded. If you don’t see the style here, you might encounter a problem when uploading it and you need to repeat the previous step. If the style is there, simply install the styles you want by clicking the Install Style button you see next to the style name and wait until the installation is complete. If you want to make it as the default style for your forum, you need to check the Make Default Style option.

phpBB is a widely used forum and loved by lots of users around the world since it is completely free. If you want to make your board more appealing for other users, you need to learn on how to install phpBB styles you want.

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