How To Install PhpBB Tutorials

It is good to know about phpBB, and the knowledge will be completed with phpBB tutorials. In total, there will be seven easy steps To complete the installation, the users might need to log in or activate another application. Let’s get started!

Download phpBB
Search for phpBB official website and choose the “dwonloads” section. There will be two options appear on the screen. Choose the “download latest”. It might take a while to download the zip file.

Get The FTP Credentials
Now, log in to the Siteworx control panel. Choose “hosting features”. A drop down will appear. Now chose “FTP”, then “Accounts”. Go to the option to “add FTP account”. Now fill in the blank column with the FTP username and password. After that, click “add”. Now the users have got the credentials. Please save it for later use.

Get Ready For phpBB Transfer
Open the folder where the downloaded phpBB is stored. Click the right side of the mouse and choose
“extract all”. Aim for certain folder and click “extract here”. Wait until the extraction process finished and then choose “phpBB folder

Connect To Nexcess Server
Open the FTP credentials (host, username, password). In users’ local computer, find the extracted phpBB folder. Direct the phpBB folder to the desired disk for phpBB installation. Now drag the phpBB folder to the nexcess folder. Allow the transfer to happen.

Set The Database
Log in To Siteworx account. Choose “hosting features”, “MySQL”, then “Database. Fill in all the blank column before clicking “add”. To make things easier, name the database with the users’ name.

Set phpBB
Combining users’ domain and phpBB installation, go to the new page. Click “install” section. Make sure all the sections have green highlight before choosing “start install”. On the pop up window, choose “MySQL with MySQLi Extension”, fill in the database information, then click “proceed to next step”.

After that, set the administrator password and run a simple test. Next, set how the email should be delivered to the members. Then, set the server url settings.

Take Out The Sensitive Content
The last step before activating the phpBB is sorting which file that could be published in the forum. The users should understand that the folder in database could be accessed by all the agen bola members later.

Creating a personal bulletin is now possible with the help of phpBB.. Before that, the users should invest some time to install the useful application. It is not complicated! Simply follows the phpBB tutorials above!

Why You Need to Use Basic PhpBB Themes

Why You Need to Use Basic PhpBB Themes

There are different kinds of styles that you can use for your phpBB, from the basic one to the premium one. The criteria for choosing the themes are varied, but most importantly, you need to consider the features brought by the themes. However, you can always use the basic phpBB themes below.
– Comes with Various Colors
If you think that the Basic theme will be very flat, you need to think again after you have seen this Basis theme. The first strength that you will love is that it comes with eight different color variations, such as blue/orange, dark blue/red, cyan/orange, light green/orange, green/red, dark green/orange, gray/orange, and gray/red. You don’t need to download all of those colors since you can pick only one color by downloading the suitable package. If you have difficulties in choosing the color, you can try the demo mode to help you get the overall image of the board later. Although the color variations might seem a little boring, it will strengthen your board with simplicity and not distract other user’s attention.

– Great Features
The second strength of this Basic theme is the features that will enrich your board. The features are always developed to enhance the users’ experience. The latest features enable you to see new icons and font, Apple Retina support, three navigation sections, sticky navigation, no language-specific icons, Saas stylesheets, and several configuration options. This latest update will make your board more interesting and easier to access since it great page design but simpler formatting content. There are many company agen bola terpercaya also using this phpBB themes for their website. Because by having those features, it brings out the best result of your board with reduced leading speed.

Going basic is not always bad. Sometimes, it is needed to make other users not distracted by the complex themes and focus on the bulletin board itself. But, you don’t need to worry since you can always use those basic phpBB themes.

Things You Need to be Aware of before Submitting Your Own phpBB Styles

Things You Need to be Aware of before Submitting Your Own phpBB Styles

Using the right phpBB styles for your own bulletin board is very important to make other users interested in it. However, the phpBB styles are not all suitable for your needs. If you want to create or modify the phpBB styles, here are some Things you need to be aware of before submitting your own phpBB styles.

Always Make Backup
Making your own phpBB styles is not without risk, especially when you have no good understanding of the basic requirement to make the web-design. In the worst case, you can lose all of your files and design at once. If this happens, you might not be able to retrieve them and the phpBB support team might not give so much help. To avoid losing all of your files and design, before you try making your phpBB styles, you always need to make the backup. Not only because it is very difficult to retrieve the losing file and design, but it will be very helpful if you want to go back to the previous styles easily.

Making your own phpBB styles is not always easy. There are lots of codes that you need to make and you need to have a great understanding of the basic web-design coding. If you want to make your styles approved by the phpBB support team, you need to make sure that the styles you make are error-free. To do so, you need to follow the same file structure given by the phpBB support team on the website. Also, you need to try testing it out before you submit the styles for approval.

The modification is always needed if you want to have the phpBB styles that are suitable for your needs. By paying attention to the things you need to be aware of before submitting your own phpBB styles, you won’t violate the rules.

How to install phpBB Styles You Want

How to install phpBB Styles You Want

phpBB is an open source bulletin board and through this site, the users can exchange different kinds of information and get connected to each other. Not only for socializing, but you can also develop your skill in modifying codes here. To begin with, here is a tutorial on how to install phpBB styles you want.

– Downloading and Uploading the Styles
After you have chosen the styles you want for your phpBB board, you need to download it and extract the file to your computer. After the extraction process is complete, you need to upload the style to your board. To do so, you need to use the FTP client and upload the folder to your phpBB root directory. Sometimes, you will get an additional directory when extracting the file, but you don’t need to upload this additional directory. Make sure the file you upload is in the style directory.

– Complete the Installation and Make Default
After it has been uploaded successfully, you need to install the style to your board. But, you need to log in to the forum as the admin. Then, you need to open the admin control panel to see the list of styles that have uploaded. If you don’t see the style here, you might encounter a problem when uploading it and you need to repeat the previous step. If the style is there, simply install the styles you want by clicking the Install Style button you see next to the style name and wait until the installation is complete. If you want to make it as the default style for your forum, you need to check the Make Default Style option.

phpBB is a widely used forum and loved by lots of users around the world since it is completely free. If you want to make your board more appealing for other users, you need to learn on how to install phpBB styles you want.

The Best Place To Find PhpBB Design

The Best Place To Find PhpBB Design

The Best Place To Find PhpBB Design – Like it or not, the phpBB design of a site will affect the members of the group. Instead of comparing the discussion topic, some of the members might look at the site design as well. The nicer the display, then more people will consider to join the forum. So where to find a nice design?

Rocket Theme
This site appears as the top result from the search engine. Some of the themes provided in this site is free, while some others need to be paid. The users could adjust the option by choosing the “filter by” section. It takes less than a minute for the site to load the database.

Instead of providing all kinds of variations, Rocket Theme is focusing on the simple and clean design. Therefore, the preview of the theme will show minimalist colors but strong accentuation. Even though the users have less choices, the themes displayed have the best compatibility and will fit to the phpBB setting.

A little reminder for the users though: the themes will not fit to the latest phpBB version: 3.2. The developer needs more time to adjust the setting. Those users who still use the lower version are more than welcome to download the themes. Having trouble with theme installation? Refer to the documentation section for help.
Looking for more options for the themes? Then the users should pay a visit to It stores hundreds of ready to use themes. There are more variations: gothic, simple, vintage, etc. On the starting page, click on the “database” section to see more theme options. A nice preview is presented for those who want to get a glimpse on the overall setting.

On the right side of the page, there is filter option. Instead of sorting the themes based on colors or category, the filter allows the users to pick the phpBB compatibility. The latest version is 3.0.14 and the earliest version is 3.0.8. In addition, there is also an option to sort the force. The quick filters on the top will pull up the most recent themes and top downloads.

See anything the users like? Simply click on the picture and the new page will be loaded. The users could get the details of the theme as well as the link to download the lovely theme. The “style demo” option is also available to show the users how the whole design look like!

Those who are interested to join a forum might think twice after seeig the phpBB design. A dull site will less likely to attract new members. Nonetheless, a nice setting and display is important for a site. Get the best options from these two sites!

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Common Terms In PhpBB Design

Common Terms In PhpBB Design

Surfing through dozen of online phpBB design, the users might find some terms. They are used by some sites to emphasize the quality of the theme. Instead of being convinced, the users might have trouble to understand the meaning. How do the terms make the themes different?

– Retina Ready
This technology is first applied by Apple. Unfortunately, many developers don’t take this seriously. Most of them think that retina ready is just part of Apple project which might not bring big effect. It turns out that these opinions are not valid. Getting a retina ready theme has its own charm and still fascinate the site users.

The problem with the non-retina ready theme is the pixel dots that will appear on the corner. It could be seen with bare eyes, especially when the image is blurred or in low quality. This flaw will even clearer when the page is zoomed. The concept of being retina ready is omitting all the pixel dots on the screen.

The benefit of retina ready for the users are quite beneficial. Only sharp text and image will be presented. In order to make retina ready theme, the developers should deal with the CSS code and javascript. A less trouble option would be editing the ready to use themes.

Common Terms In PhpBB Design

– Responsive Theme
When the first time users see the title, they might wonder: responsive to what thing? What is the proper description of responsive? Take a note that many devices could access the site: computers, laptop, tablet or even smartphones. Each one of them have different screen size. So basically, responsive theme means that the setting could adjust to the screen size.

Imagine when opening a site with bad response from a tablet. The display won’t be pleasing to look at. For example: there are two big picture on the computer screen, but only half of them could be seen from smart phone. The users might be forced to tilt the screen to get better view. Therefore, most theme now are equipped with responsive setting. Otherwise, they will get no fans at all.

Adding certain label after the phpBB design name should be done carefully. Users who stop to download or see the demo of the theme might be disappointed if the chosen theme is not that great. For example, the retina ready themes should have no pixel dots on the corner and the responsive design should display great setting on smaller screen.

3 Best phpBB Themes You Should Consider Using

3 Best phpBB Themes You Should Consider Using

Choosing the right phpBB themes isn’t only about matching your impression on your website forum with the look. It is more about the theme being responsive on all devices as well. It needs to look good and totally responsive so you get more members and they stay. Here are three best themes so far.
– Ravaio
Ravaio has been a popular option for many good reasons. First, it has the greatest look of modern vibrant theme. Options for color are unlimited and you can change color in a click. Meanwhile, other customizations options are easy and fast to make as well.

You will also love how the design is highly responsive, while the preview is too good to be true. It works just great with many languages while it also supports the RTL language nicely. The header option and design are sticky so you’ll get a lot easiness here. Overall, this theme is super!

– Volare
Volare has many features to offer. It includes boxed or fixed layout, great topic prefixes, SVG icons, scrolling and fixed harder, button to scroll to the top, social icons that are totally customizable, and customized menu. There are even more and you will like it.

Volare allows you to setup a modern and vibrant website in just clicks. The setup is super easy and fast to make while the final look is totally stunning and favored by users. Of course, it is because the theme has great UI material to offer as well.

 3 Best phpBB Themes You Should Consider Using

– Milk
Milk is also a popular theme for phpBB. This theme allows you to create good looking website forum with great responsiveness. The theme looks good in almost all kinds of device, which is a plus for a forum. Options for header and navigation bar are great and you will love the easy setup.

Every detail of the website is customizable with this theme, making it simpler for you to create individual look. Social icons are manageable and there are pretty options you can choose as well. Plus, you can collapse forum categories in this theme, giving it a sophisticated touch on the design.
In short, you have more than enough options when it comes to phpBB theme. These three are popular among website and online forum owners. Each offers different look and characteristic but all of them offer excellence you need to sell out your forum. So which one is your favorite?

Useful PhpBB Mods

Useful PhpBB Mods

Anyone interested in phpBB mods? There are plenty of choices available to choose. Users who just get their own phpBB activated must be more than happy to optimize it. Take a look at some of these mods and how they help on the sites.

Cleantalk. Spam Protect
As the page administrator, it would be quite disappointing to see a lot of spam messages and long list of replies that goes anywhere near the topic. Unfortunately, the newly created page has less to none protection from such disruption. Cleantalk.spam might be the right answer for the problem.

This mod basically prevents any bots that attempt to register to the forum. A simple captha box will appear anytime the members or outsiders want to post in the forum. Failure in completing the captha session will automatically cancel the post.

Another way to control who could join what forum is by asking the new members to introduce themselves and mention which topic or filed they are interested in. If this is what users are looking for, then pick Introduciator mods for the sites. It gives the administrator an authority to accept or decline the request to join the forum.

Aside from its excellent sorting system, probably the disadvantage is the piled up work. The administrator literally need to approve each one of the request before the member could get access to the forum. If this is not a big deal, then go ahead and pick the mods!

Topic Permissions
Do all administrators understand that all the content in any forum could be tracked by search engine? In this case, anything posted by the members could be seen by anyone when they hit the precise keyword. The effect of this access might be worse than predicted, especially if the members often provide critical and sharp opinion.

Therefore, topic permission mods could be the suitable fence to limit search engine access. Upon installing the mods, the administrator could pick which forum stays exclusively for the members and which one could safely goes out for the public. This way, the forum might gain more members for the closed community.

A phpBB mods is meant to help the site owner to manage the page better or even accommodate smoother forum and discussion. To reach this goal, the users choose from the recommendations above. It doesn’t have to be all of them, just pick the useful ones!

Must Have PhpBB Mods!

Must Have PhpBB Mods!

Since phpBB mods have been around for years, there are more than thousands administrator who have used them. Some of the mods have great functional. The administrators even describe them as the items that should come together with the basic phpBB installation. What are they?

The name of this chat stands for mini chat. It works just like the pop up notification. Mchat helps the member to be connected with the forum faster. Usually, those who use this functions wish to have immediate answer. The active members at the moment could help answering the question. If at the moment there is no online members, then the question cannot be answered.


Add User
This is a mod that allows the administrator to create new account from the back page. It is a great help for the admin, as he or she could approve member request or even add several new members at once. There is no need to open new tab just to read the application letter.

Anti-Bot Question
Similar to captha, this mods has big function. It takes down any bot attempt to register by asking questions. The answer to this question is only known by the intended users. It is given when they register as the member for the first time. There are plenty more mods with similar function, but so far it is the most effective one.

Advertisement Management
The point of making forum is to discuss certain topic, not to see bunch of adds covering the screen. In this case, installing advertisement management mods would be really helpful. It allows the administrators to change the ads position so it won’t be a big messy view. However, this mods cannot delete the ads. There must be another steps to do.

View Topic Birthday
Instead of dealing with the forum system, the mods is helping the members to get close to each other. The process is simple. The members who are celebrating their birthday on the day of the forum will have a birthday cake icon next to their name. The other members usually send a personal birthday message to the person. Isn’t that a good start for a lasting friendship?

In this modern days, there are lots of phpBB mods offered by developer. It is quite difficult for new users to determine which one should be installed in the site. Then, why don’t start from the phpBB experts’ recommendation?

The Features offered by the phpBB

The Features offered by the phpBB

As the open source of a bulletin board that can be accessed by almost anyone with internet connection in the world, phpBB offered so many cool features for its users. Let’s check the feature of phpBB available in a phpBB version that can help you to understand more about phpBB bulletin board software.

The Basic Features
phpBB contains some basic features as the basic features of the program. There are UTF-8 support, extensions, 3.2.x PHP7 support, HTML5, CSS3, responsive design, user preferences, moderation, administration, search engine spider handling, unread message tracking, and private message system.

The phpBB provides complete registration process for the users. There are COPPA registrations, Limit registration attempts, username &password length, limit username characters, password complexity, and, more.

The main aim of the phpBB is to facilitate the discussion forum by posting any flat topic structure. You can add any codes to fit your needs to post or insert the image. You can make it all through the BB code and custom BBCode. You can also use the attachment to post some attachments to the agen bola post. There are quick reply, smiles, and emoticon to make your posting more colorful and alive! Another facility also can be achieved in this posting feature, such as emoji, quoting, clever quotes, word sensor, post-draft, posting preview and syntax highlighting.

The forum offers a variety of organizational structure of the board. You can find the categories as the house of the individual forum. There are password and protected forums that can make the user be able to access a certain forum. The user can set the forum using a different installed style.

There are a lot of features provided by the phpBB to help their user find the easy and comfortable way to use the phpBB. You can advantage the feature of phpBB for setting up your online forum.

The Main Advantages of phpBB

The Main Advantages of phpBB

If you are interested to form your own community, you’d better start it with the phpBB. As widely discussed by the online source, phpBB can be defined as the open source and free bulletin board that performing the PHP language programming. The forum can be a medium to converse with other people in a fun way and personally discussed certain topic or interest. Here are the main advantages of phpBB that can make you smile widen even more.

Save Money

Save Money
It is important to note that phpBB is free. Within the free stuff, there is always a con that you get. But this software is unexceptional. Although it is free software, you can hope all the greatest things from phpBB. It contains unique features and programs that can help you improve and learn new things about software and online program.

The phpBB offers various support and code that be customized according to the user’s needs. You can start to action by downloading the phpBB and starting your community in an online forum. This can be a bridge for you to start your own business and discover a new world. There are 200 templates that can be chosen for customizing your forum. Not only template but you can also get the free design, hosting, support and many more to come.

Save Time and Energy
Do you know how much time and energy needed to build and develop this software? It is a lot! You can save your time and energy by downloading and creating your own forum through phpBB. It is easier rather than get frustrated do the coding that wastes your time and energy.

There is no time to hesitate about phpBB. Take your opportunity to create your own forum. The main advantages of phpBB for their customers are saving the money, time and energy.

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